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t shirt transfer iron

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    t shirt
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Day115 .... T Shirt Transfer.....Shear Me!

Day115 .... T Shirt Transfer.....Shear Me!

There is a Family Guy You Tube Video where Peter's voice is a sheep being sheared or shorn.....

The President of the CPGA who is concluding his term today loved, absolutely loved it.... played it many times and became somewhat of a standing joke.....

As a result, we decided as a gag gift at his outgoing Presidents Dinner we, the Board would present him with a "Shear Me" T Shirt..... which involved a wee bit of work on my part...

(If anyone wants to see the video..... go to You Tube and search Family Guy Shear or Shearing.... sorry I could but won't include a link as although I enjoyed the humour, it is just a little over the edge for me......

She totally is!

She totally is!

I believe that a goofy t-shirt is an excellent way to celebrate a holiday. I'm not quite sure my mom will understand the phrase "the bomb," but that's okay!

t shirt transfer iron

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